Is Online Therapy For You? Tips For Finding The Right Teletherapist

Finding The Right Teletherapist

Online therapy offers a convenient way for people to receive mental health counseling regardless of where they live. With the abundance of providers available, it’s important to find the right teletherapist, which means first understanding what is available.

In this article, we explore what online therapy offers and how it works. We also provide three tips for how to find the right teletherapist, making it easy for you to decide for yourself.

What is Online Therapy and Why Does It Matter?

Finding The Right Teletherapist
Online therapy has increased the accessibility for millions of people to receive counseling.

Millions of people experience mental illness each year–and that’s only in the United States. To respond to the growing need for mental health counseling, providers are increasing the availability of online therapy, as opposed to traditional therapy which requires commuting to a therapist’s office.

  • phone calls
  • video conferencing
  • website messaging
  • therapy apps

If you have ever participated in a phone call or a video call with a therapist or messaged a therapist in a special app on your phone, then you have participated in online therapy. Practitioners who provide these services online are teletherapists, though many prefer the more general term, therapists.

Online therapy has increased the accessibility for millions of people to receive counseling, especially for people in rural areas who lack adequate mental health services. Additionally, many people with disabilities express a preference for online therapy. Since 2020, in response to Covid-19 and “remote life,” the number of people using online therapy has skyrocketed.

In short, online therapy matters because we live in a world that can be stressful, challenging, and alienating. Online therapy gives people the tools they need to feel seen, valued, and equipped to handle life’s curveballs.

Online therapy may require a laptop, phone, and stable internet connection.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

Online therapy, or teletherapy, remains in high demand and it employs similar tools used in “regular” therapy. Many people prefer it to traditional therapy, since the former can easily fit into their schedule, and 97% of psychologists believe that online therapy should remain post-pandemic.

Finding The Right Teletherapist
Online therapy works by connecting individuals with licensed mental health professionals.

In general, online therapy works by connecting individuals with licensed mental health professionals. After filling out a contact form or requesting an appointment, you can expect to hear from your online therapy provider about the availability of teletherapists, the prices, and any additional features. They will match you with a therapist who meets your unique needs.

At HomePsych, our online therapy works by offering one-on-one talk therapy between a patient and a licensed therapist. After an initial appointment via phone or video conferencing, you can opt to continue seeing this teletherapist for a set number of sessions, or until you feel you have gained adequate tools and support.

In terms of payment, you might pay a copay each session or front the bill and be reimbursed later by your insurance after filing a claim.

Can HomePsych Prescribe Medication?

At HomePsych, our therapists offer talk therapy and our psychiatrists provide medication management. This means that we can prescribe medication. If this applies to you, check the box for “Medication Management” when you request an appointment with HomePsych.

Ready to get started with online therapy? Contact HomePsych today!

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